Radon suction for house with crofter's foundation

Our basic kit consists of an outdoor unit with fan and other necessary accessories. From the outside, a tube is connected towards the centre of the crawling space foundation. The structure of the unit, the volume and radon concentration determine whether one unit is sufficient or if several are needed. By creating an air flow and a small under pressure under the floor itself, the radon is passed through the blower into the outdoor air where it is rapidly diluted to the level. Important is that the floor between the crawling space and the room is as tight as possible.

Our package contains what is needed to reduce the elevated radiation levels caused by soil radon ingress. Installation is so simple that you can normally do it yourself. Installation time is usually between 3 and 5 hours. As the package is powered electrically by 12 volts, there is no need to hire an electrician.

Telephone support from us before, during and after assembly is included, where the possibility is given to discuss and consult the staff of the SSI (Swedish Radiation Protection Institute) completed training with approved final exam.

Our radon vacuum only requires care or maintenance every 4 years.
A one-year warranty against manufacturing defects is also included.

Operating voltage: 12 V
Dimension: 150 x 150 x 50 mm
Speed: 3500 Rpm
Airflow max: 42 m3/h
Power consumption: 10 Watt

The exhaustion of the radon ground air from the house foundation should be done so that the radon gas does not find its way back into the house. The fan should be placed as far away from windows, valves and doors as possible.

radon sug for houses with crawling space
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