Radon suction for house with basement or molded plate on land

The main purpose of the radon extractor is to create a larger negative pressure under the foundation slab than the one in the house. This is created by installing our radon vacuum. Here you also get the positive side effect that the radon extractor does as the name suggests, absorbing the radon gas in the vicinity and sending it out into the outside air where it is quickly diluted to harmless levels.

Our package contains everything needed, except tools. It includes a 9 m gas-tight hose, to lower the elevated radiation levels. The assembly is so simple that a handyman can do it on his own. Otherwise, a local craftsman can be hired. Assembly time is usually between 5 and 8 hours. The package requires only a standard 230 V electrical outlet.

Telephone support from us before, during and after assembly is included, where the possibility is given to discuss and consult the staff of the SSI (Swedish Radiation Protection Institute) completed training with approved final exam.

Our radon extractor requires care or maintenance normally after 10 years.
A one-year warranty against manufacturing defects is also included.

Operating voltage: 12 V
Dimension: 150 x 150 x 50 mm
Speed: 3500 Rpm
Airflow max: 42 m3/h
Power consumption: 10 Watt



The fitting of the tubing into the concrete slab should not be closer to wall than about 1.5 meters.

The exhaust of the radon-containing soil air from the house foundation should be done in such a way that the radon gas does not find its way back into the house. The fan should be placed as far away from windows, vents and doors as possible.

radon sug for houses with basements